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Stop Huawei P Smart 2019 From Killing My Apps

If you have Huawei P Smart mobile phone, you may have noticed its annoying tendency to kill third party background applications randomly, even those set to be managed manually (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Settings -> Battery -> App launch

The auto-launch setting also does nothing (at least on my phone using excellent Blokada and Auto Auto-Rotate applications).

To fix this you’ll need to follow the steps outlined here. I didn’t have PowerGenie app they mention installed, but I did have something called hwaps. Uninstalling it (Fig. 2) fixes the problem with a phone randomly killing background applications and not starting them on boot.

Fig. 2 Uninstalling hwaps using adb

If you have changed your mind, you can restore hwaps application by issuing the following command:

adb shell pm install-existing --user 0 com.huawei.android.hwaps

Huawei B525 4G maršrutizatorius – keisti DNS nustatymų nebegalima?

Prieš porą dienų atnaujinus turimą B525s-23a 4G ruterį į software version, Web UI version, paaiškėjo, kad paslėptas būdas pakeisti DNS serverius nustojo veikti:

DNS nustatymų nebėra

Po trumpo tyrinėjimo su naršyklės developer įrankiais, galima nusiraminti – DNS nustatymai vis dar čia (paslėpti, žinoma). Jiems parodyti keliaujame į Router -> DHCP, spaudžiame F12 ir įvedame į developerio pultą:


Spaudžiame enter ir nustatymai grįžo:

Vėl keičiame DNS nustatymus ant savojo Huawei B525

Išbandyta su Firefox, Chrome ir Chromium paremta Edge naršyklėmis.

Huawei B525 4G router: new firmware – no more changing DNS server manually?

Recently I upgraded my Huawei B525s-23a 4G router’s firmware (new software version, Web UI version only to find out the trick to change DNS servers has stopped working:

No more DNS settings for you

After a brief inspection with browser’s developer console, worry not, DNS settings are still here (it’s Huawei, so they are hidden of course); to show the settings navigate to Router -> DHCP, press F12 and enter this into developer’s console:


Press enter, and the settings are back:

Change DNS server on your Huawei B525 again!

Tested with Firefox, Chrome and Chromium based Edge.