Huawei B525 4G router: new firmware – no more changing DNS server manually?

Recently I upgraded my Huawei B525s-23a 4G router’s firmware (new software version, Web UI version only to find out the trick to change DNS servers has stopped working:

No more DNS settings for you

After a brief inspection with browser’s developer console, worry not, DNS settings are still here (it’s Huawei, so they are hidden of course); to show the settings navigate to Router -> DHCP, press F12 and enter this into developer’s console:


Press enter, and the settings are back:

Change DNS server on your Huawei B525 again!

Tested with Firefox, Chrome and Chromium based Edge.

22 thoughts on “Huawei B525 4G router: new firmware – no more changing DNS server manually?

  1. Karolis

    Labas, gal gali pasidalinti versija, kuri kaip supnratu yra ‘paskutine’, nes isnarsiau visa interneta ir negaliu jos rasti..

  2. dave whiting

    hi guys can we change ethernet settings doing this too? (ie wan) because my ethernet setting menu is hidden. i have b252s-65a

      1. woj

        Whole Ethernet menu is hidden – so you can’t do Failover from WAN to LTE network – because simply by defulat WAN port works like LAN.
        In network settings all you see is “Mobile Settings”.

        I was looking at web page through F12 but coudn’t find anything that wuld “enable” it.
        It there any hope that somebody with that Menu would share APi call that WEB UI makes so the unlucky ones could try if it would work for us?

        1. admin Post author

          Hi, sorry for the late reply, I somehow missed your post.
          In my B525 I have Ethernet settings menu and its HTML code looks like this:
          B525 ethernet settings

          So if it’s still relevant, all I can recommend is going to Network settings, hitting F12 and expanding divs in developer’s console’s Elements tab to see if you don’t have something called “menu_ethernet” or similar, which is hidden. If you don’t – it’s probably disabled in the firmware.

  3. Man

    This also works for the following… (the option to change the DNS server was missing for me too!)
    Device name: B525s-23a
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

    Where can I get a link to the new (software version, Web UI version update and are there any advantages?
    In other words, were there any other changes or benefits apart from the option to change the DNS server being hidden?

    You should really create a sticky for your following comment answers to questions like…
    Q: “I notice though if I refresh the page the Manual DNS settings disappear. Is this correct?”
    A: Yes, they disappear on refresh, but all saved changes persist. ✓

    Thanks for sharing this information

    1. admin Post author

      If clicking “check for updates” in the router settings finds nothing – I wouldn’t bother. There are numerous versions of this router, depending on your country or provider, and every modification gets its own firmware version, so your only bet then is to download firmware from some random site, which carries security risks and can brick your device if something goes wrong. Also, I have seen reports of bridge mode getting removed with new firmware.

  4. Lan

    Good news, have the same problem. I have never used developer tools or console. Have tried adding the line to unhide the DNS settings bot can’t get it to work. Would you please give more detailed instructions on how to enter that line in the console? Thanks.

      1. Cliff Stone

        Great video clip. I notice though if I refresh the page the Manual DNS settings disappear. Is this correct?

      2. Emir

        Hello Admin,
        Device name B525s-23a
        APN by default is disabled and I need to add a new APN.
        Do you have a command to add APN or enable default APN?


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