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Preparatory Steps for Migrating 32-bit Microsoft Access Application to Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express Backend

Something I had to do recently, so notes follow.

  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express.
  2. Install 32-bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable (if you are using older office, use 2010 version). If you are getting an error that Office 16 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component 64-bit Registration prevents 32-bit Office installation – follow these steps.
  3. Install 32-bit version of Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access.
  4. Install SQL Server Management Studio.
  5. Create a new database and add users using SQL Server Management Studio.
  6. Run Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access, do a migration (do not migrate queries) and relink tables to use a new SQL Server database.
  7. Note the errors in converting tables.
  8. And the hard part: fix your Access frontend.

Disabling Firefox’s DNS Over HTTPS via Windows Group Policy

  1. Download Group Policy templates for your Firefox version here
  2. Copy *.admx files to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions
  3. Copy *.adml files to from en-US to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US (or other language folder if applicable and available)
  4. Launch gpedit.msc (gpedit.msc is not available on Home versions of Windows, if you have that, I recommend using third party Group Policy editor like PolicyPlus)
  5. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Mozilla -> Firefox -> DNS Over HTTPS
  6. “Enabled” -> Disabled; “Locked” -> Enabled.

Įrankis greitai ir paprastai paieškai Windows operacinėje sistemoje

Integruota failų paieška šiuolaikinėse Windows operacinėse sistemose yra ganėtinai apgailėtina – lėta, dažnai ieškanti nežinia ko, ir sunkiai konfigūruojama. Vienas paprastesnių būdų ją pataisyti/apeiti yra naudoti Voidtools sukurtą įrankį Everything (1 pav.), kuris per kelias sekundes suindeksuoja NTFS failų sistema formatuotus diskus (į indeksą galima įtraukti ir nutolusius/tinklo diskus). Paieška yra momentali, konfigūruojama, palaikanti pakaitos simbolius.

1 pav. Everything paieška

Prevent hard disk drive from sleeping/spinning down/power saving

Modern hard drives have this annoying power saving feature of spinning down when disk is not in use for a couple of minutes. This often results in a few seconds pause when accessing files, game freezing until disk spins up and so on.

To fix it, first thing you wanna check is a setting Turn off hard disk after in advanced power options (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Advanced power settings

Make sure it is set to 0. After saving settings, give it a go – if it helps, then great, problem solved. However usually this is not enough, because modern HDD’s have hardware level power saving features which ignore this Windows setting. My go-to tool to prevent drives from sleeping is CrystalDiskInfo (just get Standard edition). Upon installing it, select Function -> Advanced Feature -> AAM/APM Control from top bar menu, select your hard drive(s) and click on Disable under Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) and Advanced Power Management (APM) sections (if applicable) (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 AAM/APM Control

Then check option Function -> Advanced Feature  -> Auto AAM/APM Adapation. Lastly check Function -> Startup to make CrystalDiskInfo run on Windows logon (Fig. 3).

Fig 3. Menu